Design and Development Software Based on Client’s Needs

From The Early Stages of Design, Development, Implementation, Deployment and Training

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Design and development Software Based on Client’s needs

Design and development Software Based on Client’s needs

Rismun experienced at customization of available software to the needs of the clients and also producing a customized software for a particular organization, is ready to cooperate with organizations ad firms.

Software Maintenance and Support

Providing support and maintenance services followed by deployment software and setting up systems, in order to keep high performance and continuous use of them with interactive influence on processes to become more efficient.

Software Development Consulting

The nature of software development task is non-tangible and very complicated and it’s constant changing nature could increase the probability of errors. The lack of using a proper tool or using it in a wrong way could lead the project to failure of increases the time of executing the project.

About Rismun

Rismun Information Processing Company started its activities in the year 2009 by a group of elites and Olympiad winners with the goal of making progress in Iran’s IT industry, producing technologic products and creating software platforms with competitive strength in international markets.

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