implementation of modern Systems at Rismun

Rismun Information Processing Company started its activities in the year 2009 by a group of elites and Olympiad winners with the goal of making progress in Iran’s IT industry, producing technologic products and creating software platforms with competitive strength in international markets.
Rismun provides financial and administrative solutions, using international knowledge and standards in order to develop services and evolution of software features in the country and on international scene. The advantages of using Rismun advanced software are the correct understanding of performance and very high operating speed. The most important trait of these software is to solve previous problems of other corporations such as lack of coordination between the various software, the lack of using administrative standards and a great deal of time to change the type of services which is considered as the most significant part of this type of software. Rismun Corporation relying on its human resources produce software based on client’s need, in the shortest time and the highest quality possible. Rismun experienced in software development and design fields, also provides solutions to deploy software in organizations and to supply software to specific markets.

Software manufacturing process

Software manufacturing process Which is known as “Software Product Life Cycle”, is a structure that is applied on development and manufacturing of software products. Similar terms such as “Software life Cycle” and “Software Process” are also used. There are a variety of patterns, such as (specific) processes, each of which defines a specific policy (for those processes) to perform various tasks and activities throughout processes. It’s said that “Life Cycle Planning” is a very general term and “Software manufacturing Process” is a more professional on. For instance, there are many special software manufacturing processes which are considered as the subset of Spiral life cycle.


One of the main goals of Rismun company is the use of modern technologies in the software industry. So all of the software designed by Rismun, are compatible with the different hardware platforms such as smartphones, smart watches and with all the web browsers as well. While making the software more user friendly, this sufficiency brings more beauty and application of new technologies in the manufacturing part.

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