RISAPP Form Builder

The most professional tool for building organizational software.
Rismun Form Builder software is a system to design organizational forms and consequently producing organizational documents based on these forms. This system is implemented with the React Framework. The key features of this software are the ability to create and publish documents as forms instantaneously and also to get standard outputs as JSON. These forms are capable of collecting information at the organizational level and changing them is really easy.

Features RISAPP Form Builder

رابط کاربری زیبا و User-friendly
Beautiful and user-friendly interface
Google Material Design
Take advantage of Google Material Design
بهره‌گیری از فناوری React
Make use of React
ساده‌ترین شکل تنظیم بخش‌های هر فرم به روش DND
The simplest model of adjusting sections of each form with the DND method
سهولت در افزودن امکانات هر فرم به روش DND
Ease of adding features of each form by DND method
امکان ساخت فرم‌های تو در تو
Ability to make nested forms
امکان ویرایش هر فرم از طریق Visual Programming
امکان ویرایش هر فرم از طریق Visual Programming
امکان ارتباط با سرویس‌های Version Control مانند Git و SVN
The ability to connect to version control services such as Git and SVN
پشتیبانی از OAuth2 وJWT
Supporting OAuth and JWT
امکان دریافت خروجی با استانداردهای روز دنیا
Possibility to get the output with up to date standards
بهره‌گیری از سیستم BPMS Workflow
Taking advantage of BPMS Workflow System in order to define, manage, review and optimize the activities of organizations